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Hello. My name is Ken Ungerecht and I would like to welcome you to the God Theories web page.

Never discuss religion or politics, as the saying goes, if you want to keep the peace. But there are currently 400 wars and guerrilla actions going on around the world. There are fifty million Americans, including thirty million children, living below the poverty line. Approximately five billion people subsist on the equivalent of $10 a day or less and almost half on $2.50. Violence, global warming, terrorism, over-population, and the methods we use to acquire and share resources are stressing our planet to its limits.

Religion, politics, and science all have enormous influence in how we construct our societies. They have each helped us create many beautiful and noble things. But each has also failed us in many ways and that old adage is clearly wrong. If we want to have any chance to create the peace and resolve the crises in our world, they need to be discussed. That exchange demands we do it openly, rationally, and in the context of their relationship with respect to each other.

If a spiritual aspect is part of the human condition, it would have to be the most fundamental and important one there is. It would also require the existence of a set of Principles that accurately describes its characteristics and functionality. The obvious complexity of such a component would virtually guarantee we will never be able to completely identify or understand all of its Laws. But, if we can collectively begin to identify and prove just a few of them, we will have laid a foundation upon which a true spiritual understanding can be built that will transform our world in to the kind of place I believe it was always meant to be.

I will submit God Theories Revised Edition makes careful use of sound scientific principles to prove the following statements to a virtually absolute degree of certainty and at some point they will need to become recognized as important and fundamental Principles of Truth.

The relationship anyone has with the Divine will always encompass faith and it will always involve passion. It will always be unique and personal, and it will always be a mystery. But, it must as well leave room for reason so it can see its way to Truth. I think it is time for a more determined effort to seek a greater balance in the mix of ingredients we use to hold our spiritual views together. For whatever value it might have, I simply consider God Theories to be my contribution toward that effort.